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  • Brandon Roberts

    Brandon Roberts

    Web dev, tech writer, DevRel at Nrwl, NgRx maintainer, GDE, sports fan, recovering gadget addict, and still learning. Gif game 💪🏿

  • Tomas Trajan

    Tomas Trajan

    🅰️ Google Developer Expert for Angular #GDE angularexperts.io❤️ ️Typescript 🛠️ Maker of the @omniboard_dev 🌞 Obviously the bright Future!

  • Minko Gechev

    Minko Gechev

    Building tools for developers at Google. Angular team.

  • Kevin Kreuzer

    Kevin Kreuzer

    Passionate freelance frontend engineer. ❤️ Always eager to learn, share and expand knowledge.

  • Netanel Basal

    Netanel Basal

    A FrontEnd Tech Lead, blogger, and open source maintainer. The founder of ngneat, husband and father.

  • Victor Savkin

    Victor Savkin

    Nrwlio co-founder, Xoogler, Xangular. Work on dev tools for TS/JS. @NxDevTools and Nx Cloud architect. Calligraphy and philosophy enthusiast. Stoic.

  • Andrea Lo Iacono

    Andrea Lo Iacono

  • Francesco Malagisi

    Francesco Malagisi

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